American Metabolics HAVOK preworkout

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What is it?  American Metabolics HAVOK Hard-core is a new pre-workout that packs a punch in all departments! It is designed to increase pumps, endurance, focus and performance while exercising. With a large 16 gram serving size this product’s key ingredients have been dosed in quantities that actually deliver (no fairy sprinkles here).

Who Should take it?  This formula is designed for people that have been using pre-workout for quite a while already and can handle the high stimulant content. Because the non-stimulant ingredients have been supplied in large doses, less experienced pre-workout uses would still benefit from a half or three quarter serve.

What does it do?  HAVOK has all the bases covered in terms of improving performance and favourably altering body composition.  The formulation has been designed to Increase pump (supply of blood and nutrients to the working muscles) as well as improved Strength, Mental focus and Endurance. Pump is delivered by a massive 6 grams of citrulline as well as a full gram of Agmatine. Agmatine is a little pricey so some manufacturers will only put in a quarter of this amount. A decent dose of Beta Alanine, Taurine and Betaine insure that endurance and performance will be significantly better on your next exercise session.

The stimulant stack is where HAVOK gets really interesting. American Metabolics have started off with a 325mg mixture of caffeine and time released Di-caffeine malate to bump up your adrenaline. New kids on the block Eria Jarensis and Juglans Regia provide more focus and a mild sense of wellbeing. My guess is that eventually the Australian government (god bless their cotton socks) will ban Eria Jarensis the same way they got rid of DMAA and DMHA. Hopefully the fun police in Canberra won’t notice for a few years.

How do I take it?  ¾ to1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise. For Females ½ scoop should be sufficient for a great workout. As always you can start the dosage low and gauge your tolerance to the product. You can always bump the dosage up it in the next exercise session if a half serve wasn’t quite enough the first time…